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Énye Media is one of the first full service advertising agency for the English and Spanish language in Oklahoma. We specialize in both helping businesses to market their products or services to the Latino community and in helping Latino businesses grow through effective advertising.

It is the goal of Énye Media to grow along with their clients. Personalized attention and exceptional customer service is given to each client in order to construct and develop the clients’ brands and names and to effectively communicate their message.

Why work with an advertising agency?

Consolidating Marketing Efforts

Working with an advertising agency can help save companies time and resources by working with only one company for production and media buying. For instance, a retail company may be announcing a new product to the Latino market. In order to get their message out, they may have to work with salespeople from four newspapers, three radio stations, two television affiliates, and an internet site to have all of their bases covered.

Each media outlet also has its own production or design staff each creating their own version of the message. Working with an advertising agency makes one point of contact for all of these media outlets.

Creating a Consistent Message

When dealing directly with media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations, each outlet has its own production or design staff that creates the ad for the space you purchase. Sometimes there are costs for the production of the ads and sometimes the production is included in the price of the space. There is one unavoidable consequence when dealing with all of these different production people: inconsistency in the way your message is delivered. When you work with an advertising agency, you work with one creative team whose number one goal is to create a clear,
effective, and consistent message across all of the formats.

Creative Talents within Agencies

One of the things that can happen when working directly with the production teams of the media outlets is that your ad can end up looking or sounding very similar to the countless other ads produced by these outlets. Énye Media is sensitive to creating unique ads that demand attention.

Agency Partnerships

Since Énye Media works with media outlets on a regular basis, we can often negotiate better media prices for our clients, especially since we save the outlets on production costs. Énye Media also does not have exclusive contracts with any outlets, so we have the freedom to place ads where it will be the most effective for our clients.

About our Partners

Ricardo Sasaki

Ricardo Sasaki has a strong advertising background working for over 13 years in the advertising industry. Apart from being a partner in Enye Media, Ricardo is also part owner of ProAudio S.R.L. in Bolivia where he worked as an audio engineer and creative consultant on advertising campaigns for companies such as Price Waterhouse Cooper, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and many more. Ricardo was born in San Francisco, CA and lived mostly in Bolivia, until recently relocating to Oklahoma. He has received many awards during his career including three gold records and one platinum record. Ricardo was also an artist with Sony Music International. His education includes many years of music conservatory and the College of Recording Arts in San Francisco.

Robert Ruiz
Robert Ruiz is a software engineer and business consultant with 8 years of consulting experience. Robert has developed for such firms as Southwest Research Institute, Alcatel, and IBM, and has had major national clients including Ford Motor Company and Mazda USA. Robert Ruiz is the owner of the software development company Enye Group (8 years) as well as the Latin music company Enye Music (5 years). He also owns interest in FrontRow Technologies. Robert is also a community leader serving on several boards and as the chair of the Norman Human Rights Commission. Robert was born in San Antonio, TX and came to Oklahoma to attend the University of Oklahoma on a full academic scholarship as a National Merit Scholar. His education at OU outside of engineering included many advanced math courses including statistics, as well as studies in business communications.

Strategic Alliance

Saxum Communications
Enye Media has launched a strategic alliance with Saxum Communications, a full-service strategic communications firm in Oklahoma.  Enye Media has formed this new alliance to continue positive promotion of Hispanic market potential and move forward with informing business leaders about the importance of reaching out to this market.  Saxum's public relations expertice with lend a hand to clients wishing to take a more comprehensive approach to strategic communications.

Sister Companies

Ares Studio - Professional Recording, Musical Production, Artist Development, Label

Énye Music - Booking/Management

Client Events

11.22.08 | Tierra de mi Familia Exhibit Opening, Oklahoma History Museum, OKC, OK

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